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   1980 - 2005 -  Twenty Five Years -  High Performance Only - Harley Davidsons Only

MEGAFLO is the business name and trademark for premium quality, professionally crafted, cylinder head modification services for Harley-Davidsons. This is not a mass-production facility. My name is Jim Libonati, I am the owner and sole operator. Since 1980 it's been my full-time effort to build more power into Harley-Davidsons. I started in house dynamometer testing in 1986 and cylinder head flow testing  in 1987. For me, since "day one" it's been about engine related only, high-performance only, Harley-Davidsons only.

Beginning in the late 80's and into the 90's the major portion of my work had evolved into cylinder head porting and performance modification services, primarily for motorcycle shops, performance manufacturers and racers around the country (USA) and the world.

Throughout the last decade or so the Harley-Davidson related performance industry has grown and changed tremendously. What was once a niche market pursued by relatively few dedicated craftsmen and riders is now over run by big manufacturing firms and others who don't necessarily measure their success in how much power the customer is getting. There are always concessions made in the interest of mass production and there is no particular engine component wherein this is more evident than The cylinder heads.



There is far more to high performance cylinder head preparation than sanded ports and "fluffed" finishes. Strength, reliability, longevity and rebuild-ability of the finished assembly should also be of concern. All MEGAFLO prepared cylinder heads are thoroughly blueprinted, using materials, equipment and workmanship that address these issues and exceed OEM specifications and tolerances in every way. Castings sent for modification are individually serial numbered and "build sheets" are utilized to record minute details throughout the building process including any deviations from established base packages due to individual customer requirements. All of this recorded information is permanently archived for future reference purposes and not disclosed to the public in order to protect trade secrets. Assemblies are returned to the customer with an "assembly specification sheet" listing important clearances and recommendations to assist the engine builder. With each set of MEGAFLO prepared cylinder heads there are no unknown variables.

Throughout the course of nearly three decades I've chosen to keep an essentially "one man" operation. Since my work involves modifying  OEM and aftermarket performance products into true High Performance assemblies with a degree of detail that production lines simply will not allow, it would be foolish to think I could in turn mass produce without sacrificing the quality and often custom requirements of the finished product.

My facility is very well equipped to handle the task. Serdi spherical, self centering valve seat machining equipment is used to accurately reproduce specific multi-angle/radius profiles and with custom tooling enables seat concentricity of .0005" (5 ten-thousandths) or better. The Superflow 600 flow bench with digital acquisition and automated controller gives accurate and repeatable results. A Bridgeport model 2J mill with auto feed and 3 axis DRO and a Southwestern Trak CNC lathe takes care of a variety of machining operations with smaller milling and turning machines to alleviate set up time and work flow interruptions on small pieces. Van Norman boring equipment with the surface table reground to within 3 microns of parallel produces accurate and straight cylinder bores to .0002" (2 ten-thousandths) tolerance and all final finishing completed with S&S or Axtell torque plates on a Serv-Equip auto stroke honing machine. There is also a variety of Sunnen honing equipment as well as digital valve spring testing and various modeling software. This is still a partial list of course.

A machine though is no better than it's operator. The single most important tool of all is one craftsman who has dedicated his professional career of nearly 3 decades to "high performance only, Harley-Davidsons only".  If you are interested in doing business together, please read the FAQ/policy.

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268 Cornelius Rd

Portersville, PA 16051

Phone: 724-368-3955

Answers: Mon-Fri, 4pm-6pm (eastern)

Contact: Jim

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